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 NEW35th Class Reunion for the Class of 1979

Read up on all the info and pay now to reserve your spot for the best party in town!



Quote of the day:

"The Green and Gold"
To the Green and to the Gold
We pledge our loyalty,
We join together in our song
To Praise and Honor thee

All Hail to Thee!
All Hail to Thee!

Now we proudly raise our voices
All Hail to thee Northwest High.

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This is the home of the Northwest High School Vikings of Clarksville, Tennessee. A place to catch up with old friends, learn about upcoming reunions or find out what you missed at the last reunion.

Just visit your class link to the left and start joining the fun, update your information so classmates can find you for the next reunion, find out who is on your reunion committee, learn how you can make your next reunion a success!

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***The Class of 1979 has been honored with a beautiful and moving story by our classmate, Albert "Ed" Scaife. This story touched our hearts and we wanted to share it with all alumni of Northwest High School. The story is about what Reunions are all about! Read it here.

updated 07/08/12